Bob Zuch's 82 320is daily driver. 9.8:1 2100cc engine. Ported head. TEP 284 Camshaft. 
TEP Front Strut brace. Cold Air Induction. 
Rear shock tower brace and battery relocation. 2" exhaust with high flow cat and Walker rear muffler. 

320I E21 Road Race / Auto-X Suspension 

Doing an E21 properly is quite a bit more work than doing a 2002. There are inherent problems with your chassis that the extra weight only makes worse when it gets on a race track. Fortunately we have raced a 320I for 3 years and have figured all this stuff out. Here is exactly how we have set up the last 10+ cars we have built. All are competitive in their respective groups and have been very consistent top 5 and occasionally winning cars. As the drivers dial them in I am certain they will have even better success. These are the components you will need and the work either yourself or someone you trust will have to do. It is assumed that you will make sure all the standard parts ( Ball joints, wheel bearings, brakes, Etc, are up to par )


Front: Parts

Complete coil-over conversion with adjustable camber plates $575.00

Camber Plates, Upper and Lower Perches, Springs, Threaded Collars

Spring rates vary from 300 lb to 500 lb depending on the car and the track. We

Start with 400 lb for I.T use and 350 lb for Auto-X

Camber should be set at about 2.5 negative for Auto-X and 3.5-4 negative for 

Road race. Toe should be at 1/6" IN total.

Bilstein Sport Strut inserts for short strut housings $129.00 ea

25mm sway bar with urethane bushings. ( Priced as pair with 19mm rear ) $399 pr.

New lower control arms with ball joints and H/D bushes installed $89.00 ea

Upper Strut Tower Brace $179.00

Engine Torque Brace option for Strut Tower Brace. (Add to cost of brace) $85.00

Urethane Steering Rack Bushings $65


Rear: Parts

Bilstein Sport Shocks $139.00 ea

Bolt-On Coil Over conversion with new Bilstein Sports, Threaded Collars, 2.5" Coil Over Springs and upper spring seats. Ready to bolt In.
$599 for the Pair.

Solid Rear Sub-Frame mounts $100.00 pr NLA

19mm Adjustable rear sway bar ( See 25mm front bar for pair pricing ) $219.00

Rear Urethane trailing arm bushings ( set of 4 ) $59.00

Rear shock tower brace with battery re-location kit ( 77-83) $199.00

Front K&N Filter conversion with pipe. For use after battery has been moved. (81-83 ) $149.00

Package with rear brace and Air Filter kit $29

When doing an early E21 with the funky fuel injection the best thing to do with the filter Is to put a K&N element into the stock box and drill a bunch of holes in the lid. ( Or just 
Cut out the center and just leave the lip to hold the filter. ) 


Shorten front strut housings and install struts and threaded collars $90.00 pair

Slot rear subframe for camber and toe adjustment $100.00 Using your subframe

After setting alignment weld washers in place. Do Not Leave Adjustable. It Will Move. I Promise.

Re-Enforce rear subframe arms and diff carrier. $275.00 Using your subframe

This is critical to do. I know it says it is not legal but if you do not do it you will be replacing subframes at a tremendous rate and your camber and toe will change during the race from the amount of flex. No one will notice if you do it discreetly and you can always argue it is a safety issue, besides, everyone laughs at a 320I race car anyway. They certainly don't look for cheating in the rear subframe.

Good used Subframe with slotting and re-enforcement done. $550.00 Outright



R4 Carbon Kevlar Racing Pads $139.00

Steel Braided Brake Line Kit $120.00

R4 Carbon Kevlar Racing Brake Shoes $189.00


81-83 Big Front Brake Conversion:

Bolt on kit with Vented Rotors, 4 Piston Calipers, Metal Master Brake Pads


Steel Braided brake line set and hardware. $635