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TEC-200 Series

TEC-200 Series


The 200-series of ECUs from Electromotive represent the latest in Total Engine Control and stand-alone ignition from the leaders in ignition control technology.  The 200 series ECUs feature many added features including USB communications, waterproof billet chassis design, comprehensive cam control strategies, dual wideband 02 inputs, logic-level coil outputs in addition to our exclusive high-current closed-loop coil outputs, and many more!

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  • Ron Reese TEC-GT200 Package

    Ron Reese TEC-GT200 Package

  • TECgt-200 ECU
    $1,699.00 Click for price

    TECgt-200 ECU

  • TECs-200 ECU
    $1,199.00 Click for price

    TECs-200 ECU

  • TECgt-200 8' harness
    $299.00 Click for price

    TECgt-200 8' harness

  • XDI200 8' Hanress (replacement)
    $249.00 Click for price

    XDI200 8' Hanress (replacement)

  • TECs-200 8' Harness
    $199.00 Click for price

    TECs-200 8' Harness

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