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Programmable management and 4 injector conversions

Programmable management and 4 injector conversions

Engine Management , FCD s and AIC systems:

Fuel Cut Defencer for 1983-1986 ONLY.  $169.00
We promise you it will not work on the 1987-89 ECU. Don t try it, you ll be unhappy

Complete 4 injector conversion using your Intake Manifold, Throttle body and Injector mixer housing Ready to bolt-on with 4 injectors up to 650cc, Coolant Temp and Air Temp Sensors, Fuel rail, Bosh 350 HP pump, Fuel Pressure regulator
LESS ENGINE MANAGEMENT...See below for choices.





Machine Your Crank pulley, mount trigger, fabricate trigger brackets For TEC-3, TEC-GT, TEC-S or Haltech Systems $180.00

Basic Management Choices:
Prices below are ror Normally Aspirated use.
For Turbo or other forced induction applications there is addional charge for a 2 or 3 bar MAP sensor

Electromotive TEC-GT Package $2127
Requires Crank Trigger Fab
$180 Crank Trigger fab on your Crank Pulley

Electromotive TEC-S Package $1895
Requires Crank Trigger Fab
$180 Crank Trigger fab on your Crank Pulley

Haltech Sprint 500 Management package
ECU, Harness, Coil Packs, Mag P/U, Trigger wheel, Ignitors, Sensors $1550
Requires Crank Trigger Fab
$180 Crank Trigger fab on your Crank Pulley

Wide Band 02 Sensor Upgrade. No Gauge $199
Wide Band 02 Upgrade WITH Gauge $399



AIC (Auxilliary Injector) Systems
Complete AIC system for Starion / Conquest ( all years ) $1050.00

Includes high flow over the valve cover pipe with injector bosses installed

(2) Fuel injectors. Bosch 350 fuel pump. HALTECH AIC controller computer

Wiring harness. Fuel fittings, hose, Etc. All bolt on.

AIC Controller Computer Only $450

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