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Z car Suspension Components and Bushings

Z car Suspension Components and Bushings

Contour Coils

Contour coils are cold-wound from oil-tempered spring steel for great strength to weight ratio and long term durability. Every coils will not sag after hard use. Coils are then shot-peened and heat-treated. Powder coated for an attractive yet durable finish. Spring rates are optimized for street and autocross performance. Slight progressive rate improves ride without sacrificing handling. (steep progressive rate designs are often overstressed and can sag after long hard use.)

  • Lower 1.00"
  • 25% firmer spring rate
  • Good rid - Great handling
  • Bright Powder Coating
  • Heat-Treated and Preset
  • Shot-Peened to relieve stress
  • Solid in sets or by the pair
  • Slight progressive rate


240Z, 260Z, 280Z
$229 Order

510 Front and Rear Springsd are No Longer available. Coil Overs ONLY for the 510. Sedan or Wagon Front.

Limited availability on 280Z Springs. 240Z Springs not available at this time...Check before ordering.

Coil Over Kit must be adapted to your stock strut housings. Housings can also be shortened for max lowering and suspension travel by using Shorter strut inserts...We have all of this available
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$249 Order

Sway Bars

Made from tough carbon steel, Contour sway bars are noted for quality of fit, durability and ease of installation. All ends are forged for the ultimate strength, no welded ends. Tough MIL-blackTM finish. Bars come complete with polyurethane frame and endlink bushings. Reduces body roll considerably with little or no loss of ride quality. Most bars replace the original factory bar, When there is no original bar (e.g. rear of PL-510) complete mounting hardware and instructions included. PL 510 rear bar is adjustable. (*1.125" bars include polyurethane pillow blocks.)


All .75", .875" and 1" Sway Bars

All 1.125" Sway Bars
$159 Order

Street/Autocross Camber Plates

A street or autocross camber plate for the 240Z, 260Z and 280Z's that requires no sheet metal cutting and fits all shocks without machining. The unique polyurethane design allows quick and easy camber changes yet is completely both in. Extremely long lasting. Maintains original ride height on 240Z and 260Z cars, Lowers 260Z (after chassis #30-060001) and all 280Z cars by 3/4". Instructions included.

$139 for the Pair. Front or Rear.

Contour Camber Plates

Contour Camber Plates for the PL 510 and 610's are receworthy yet streetable. The heart of this innovative design is a polyurethene bearing tha virtually eliminates deflection yet lasts far longer than steel spherical bearings. Fits all shocks, No machining or special shocks required. Special aircraft thrust washers reduce steering effort and gives silky smooth steering response. Lower car 1/2" due to the space saving design without any loss in bump travel.


$150 for the pair

  Polyurethane Tension Bushings

Polyurethane Tension Bushings improve handling by eliminating the slop inherent in the soft factory rubber units. These are a must for any Datsun especially when using wider tires


$32.95 set


Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushings

Polyurethane Steering Rack bushings replace the soft rubber units to give much better steering feel. Reduces steering free play and increases steering response. Highly resistant to oil and ozone that destroys the original bushings


$29.95 pair



Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings

Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings minimize deflection and unwanted camber changes. Handling, road feel, and steering accuracy is improved. Made from 95A Shore self-lubricating  polyurethane. Fixed units are ideal to replace original worn rubber bushings, adjustable units allow camber adjustments for increased performance or to correct alignment deficiencies, Decambering units for the rear of PL-510/610 cars decamber the rear by 2 degrees, yet only requires minor drilling to install.


$48  CAB-215      Order
$49 CAB-215A    Order
$49  CAB-212      Order
$49  CAB-212A   Order
$49  CAB-211T   Order
$59  CAB-510R  Order

  Polyurethane Z/510 Differential Insulators

Polyurethane Z/510 Differential Insulators replace the soft rubber insulators in the differential crossmember on all PL 510, 610 and Z cars. Long lastings. Will not transmit excessive differential noise like aluminum  versions.


$49 set of 4

  Polyurethane 510 Crossmember Insulators

Polyurethane 510 Crossmember Insulators replace the soft rubbery insulators in the rear crossmember on all PL 510 and 610's.  This long listing insulator handles acceleration and breaking loads much better than the original insulators, without excessive ride harshness


$62 set of 4

  Polyurethane 510 Rear Coil Insulators

Polyurethane 510 Rear Coil Insulators replaces the soft rubber spacer above the rear spring seat on all PL 510 and 610's. When this spacer wears the car will sag noticeably in the rear. This polyurethane spacer restores the correct ride height and lasts much longer. It’s a good idea to replace the original when replacing the rear shocks. Our taller version (CIN-220) raises the rear 1/2".


$33 pair


Polyurethane Z rear Strut Spacer

Polyurethane Z rear Strut Spacer, There is a soft rubber spacer above the rear spring sear on '70-'78 Z cars. When this spacer wears out the car will sag noticeably in the rear. This polyurethane spacer restores the correct ride height and lasts much longer. It’s a good idea to replace the original when replacing the rear struts. Always check this bushing as it is common to blame the rear coils when the rear ride height is too low


$29 pair

  Foamex Bump Stops

Foamex Bump Stops are mandatory for any lowered Datsun. These high-performance bump stop protect shocks and struts from damage. Progressive rate design positively controls bottoming-out common to any lowered vehicle. Ride and handling are vastly improved over rough roads. High mileage cars often need new bump stops anyway which makes these units ideal when changing struts and shocks. 510 and 610 units bolt in place of the original bump stops in the rear control arm. (shaft mount fits all strut shafts except Bilstein.)


$29 pair


Polyurethane Sway Bar bushings

Polyurethane Sway Bar bushings for original Datsun brackets Replaces the original rubber bushings. Very durable, self-lubricating, and maximizes the effectiveness of any original or aftermarket sway bars. Hardness is 95A shore.


$23 pair
All Except Roadster

$39 pair
Roadster Bushings



Polyurethane Pillow Blocks

Polyurethane pillow blocks.  A competition style pillow block without the noise and wear of aluminum. Very long lasting with superior sway bar alignment. Low friction design features a lubrication groove and plated support bracket. Fits 510, 610, and all Z cars to 1983.


$45 Pair
Roadster Bushings



Teflon Tape

Teflon Tape. The perfect lubricant for polyurethane bushings. Form a permanent barrier between rotating components.  Ideal for sway bars, control arm bushings, and idler arm bushings. Prevents wear and squeaks. Economical, 1 roll does several cars.


$5 Roll
Roadster Bushings


Polyurethane Steering Coupler

The Polyurethane Steering Coupler fixes the weak link in the Datsun Z steering system. Original rubber units allow a mile of freeplay when worn. These tough units eliminate freeplay and lasts forever.



  Polyurethane Idler Arm Bushings

Polyurethane Idler Arm Bushings replace the soft and fast wearing PL 510/610 factory units. These durable polyurethane units outlast the originals while increasing steering response. (original idler arm is reused)


$29 pair
Idler Arm Bushings