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Porterfield Race Brakes

Porterfield Race Brakes


At Porterfield Enterprises we know that one pad does not suit all that is why we not only have our own product, we also have teamed up with three other exceptional manufacturers to ensure we can supply a pad that will suit any need. The Porterfield products are listed below

R-4 – Our original road racing compound that is very rotor friendly and easy to modulate, has medium friction with a 0-1400 temp range. Optimum temp range for this pad is 450F – 1200F.

R4-E – The Endurance compound has a slightly lower friction than the R-4 but is designed to wear longer for enduro races. Characteristics are much the same as the R-4

R4-1 – The Vintage compound this pad is designed for vehicles that have trouble keeping heat in the pads. Best suited when temperatures are under 600F and peak temps are not over 1000F. We have also found this to be a very useful autocross pad.

R4-S – The performance street pad, this pad offers the least dust and squeal of any of the street pads we carry. It is very rotor friendly and will last as long as your stock pad but typically they last a little bit longer.

We offer the Complete line of Porterfield R4 Series Pads and Shoes for all Applications...

Please Contact Us for Application and Pricing Information

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Thanks to all of you keeping us so busy the last few months we have to make a temporary change to our Phone hours.
We can be reached via Phone Mon-Fri 10:00am to 3:00pm Pacific time. 
The Shop is open and we are working normal hours but we need those extra hours to catch up on Engine work, Carb rebuilding, and shipping. 
If you call before or after the hours of 10:00am - 3:00pm leave us a detailed  message and we will call you back. 
You can always shoot us an email at Obviously you are seeing this on the website so much of what you may need will be here...

Thanks for understanding and for all the support that is keeping us so busy....

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