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Complete engines.

Complete engines.




Complete Engines:

We offer so many combinations of complete engines that it is impossible to list them all. Here are some of the common combinations. All engine prices are based on using your rebuildable core. If you do not have a good core or you want to buy an engine outright with no exchange add $500.00 to the pricing. (We cannot always obtain cores for these engines and most likely you will need to ship us your engine core to be built and returned to you.) The average cost of round trip shipping for a 2.6 engine is $500.00..This is picked up from you, delivered to us, then returned to you...


All complete engine include our NEW Non-Jet valve head casting. We will not build any complete engines using an old head core. We can also do any combination you might want, contact us for pricing and details. All our engines have the balance shafts eliminated and are electronically balanced to insure vibration free operation over the entire RPM range.


As with all Custom Engine projects we can build whatever you want..The engine listed below will suit 98% of you out there from Stock to 500+ HP but we can do whatever you want....Call us to discuss your engine needs with us and we will be happy to go over details and options...


These engines are Long Blocks only...Valve cover to oil pan and Front Pulley to Flywheel. They do not include Turbos, Manifolds, F.I., Etc...


Mits 2.6 Forged Con Rods NEW PAGE !





Performance Street Engine: $3995 ORDER NOW

Excellent street and occasional race use. Very reliable in the 350 HP range. Great for use with T3/T4. 8.0:1 compression Forged JE pistons. Total-Seal rings. Rods rebuilt and bushed for floaters with ARP rod bolts. Crank Turned and micropolished. New non-jet valve head casting. Street ported and polished with ARP head studs. Steel Shim Head Gasket, Street cam upgrade with H/D single valve springs. Balance shaft eliminator with complete rotating assembly electronically balanced. Lightened stock flywheel. All new timing components and standard oil pump.

Add $170 for Ceramic Piston Coat and Skirt Coat
Add $250 for Heavy Duty Street clutch when buying engine
Add $395 for Pro-Grip Race clutch when buying engine.
Add $650 for Forged 4340 Con Rods
Add $400 for Knife Edge Crankshaft
Add $210 for O-Ringing of Block


Stage-3 Engine: $4595 ORDER NOW

Full-Tilt street and drag race engine. For T3/T4 and NOS. Your choice of compression ratio and bore size. JE pistons, Total-Seals, race prepped rods, Race prepped crank, New head casting, Race Ported and polished, Steel Shim Head Gasket, Racing Camshaft and dual valve spring upgrades, ARP head studs and rod bolts, Lightened flywheel, Balance shaft eliminator. Balanced and blueprinted. All new timing components and high volume oil pump. Assembled valve cover to oil pan.

Add $170 for Ceramic Piston Coat and Skirt Coat
Add $395 for Pro-Grip Race clutch when buying engine.
Add $650 for Forged 4340 Con Rods
Add $400 for Knife Edge Crankshaft
Add $210 for O-Ringing of Block


Standard Street Rebuild: $3300 ORDER NOW

This is the standard stuff we do to rebuild a Starion/Conquest engine for reliable street use with mild add on upgrades and no more then 12-14 psi boost with fairly small turbos

( Stock Turbo or Mits Sport 14G units ) Hypereutectic replacement pistons with Total-Seal rings. Rods resized and ARP bolts installed. Crank turned and micropolished. Balance shafts eliminated and complete assembly balanced. New Non-Jet Valve head casting. Stock camshaft and H/D single valve springs. New H/D head bolts. Flywheel Lightened.



Short Block Assemblies:

If you already have a good cylinder head and just want the bootem end done we can rebuild and upgrade you short block only.The short block is everything from the cylinder head down Surface of the block to the oil pan We do include a full gasket set with the short blocks so you can finish the assembly. They do not include head bolts or head studs but do include all the timing components, oil pumps, etc .


Standard street rebuild short block $2500 ORDER NOW


Performance street short block $2980 ORDER NOW


Stage 3 short block     $3400 ORDER NOW