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Custom Jetting and Tuning of Weber Carbs.

Custom Jetting and Tuning of Weber Carbs.

If you are reading this section you have a Weber Carb or Multiple Weber's that need tuning and jetting or just have Tuning and Running problems you cannot figure out...

This page is for those of you that purchased Webers from someone else that likely has no idea what they are doing or simply does not have any form of tech or after sales support. Maybe you bought used Carbs. Many have bought from eBay sellers, and others that simply sell the product with no care that you may need help or even sold you the wrong kit or did not sell you everything you need and you are at a loss how to make it all work...You may have bought a Car with a system alreday on it and it is having issues...Etc. You get the idea...

If you purchased a New Genuine Carb or Redline Weber Kit from us you are likely not having any real issues or if you do you can simply call / email us or use the Toll Free Redline Weber Tech Line at 1 800 733-2277 Option 3

- If you are looking for Jets, Jet Packs, or Custom Jetting Kits you can visit that page by CLICKING HERE
- If you are looking for General Technical and basic Tuning Info, Synch Tools, Float Levels, etc. you can visit that page by CLICKING HERE 
- If you are looking for Electric Fuel Pumps and Tech you can visit that page by CLICKING HERE
- If you need your Older Weber carbs Rebuilt  and or Re-Jetted you can find all the info you need about sending them in by CLICKING HERE

We do Tune Weber Carbs In House...We do 1 car at time by appointment. Call us to discuss or schedule this.

We offer a Pay-For Technical Support and Tuning Service and a Baseline Jetting Service.

#1   Technical, Tuning and Troubleshooting Phone Service is available for $100 Per Hour billed in 1/4 Hour Increments... Before us calling you for a session you must provide all the info below so we are prepared to help you right away and not waste your time and money. You can Cut and Paste the info into an email you send to us at

 #2   Baseline Jetting Service is offered to get you set up with a correct set of Jets and Chokes for your Multi-Carb Dual Triple, Quad or V12 install. We can either sell you a set of proper jets / chokes, etc. and there is no tech fee for this as you are purchasing parts OR if you simply want the baseline jetting reference or range you need ( You already have jets, have a friend with jets, Dyno guy with jets, etc. ) we will provide that for a flat $40 fee. As above you must provide all the info below so we know what to do for you....

Info We need to do a Phone Tuning and Troubleshooting Session or Baseline Jetting advice.
If this seems like the horrible paperwork you need to do when you go to a new Dr. you are correct...We cannot help without background and baseline info and often when providing the info the problem is found and solved...
email us a pic of the overhead view of your system showing the carbs and linkage as it is installed

Number of and Model of Carbs being used:
( e.g.  2 x 45 DCOE 152, 4 x 40 DCNF 12 ) 

ALL Jets and Chokes, etc that are currently in carbs...ALL Tuning starts with this info.
No exceptions unless you just want a Baseline jetting sent to you..You would be surprised howe many people find out they had mismatched jets in their carbs causing most of the issues. 
Choke Size
Aux Venturis
Main Jets
Air Jets
Idle Jets
Emulsion Tubes
Pump Jets
Pump Bleed Valves ( DCOE, IDF, IDA ) 

Have Float Levels been set ?:
Have Carbs been Recently Rebuilt ?:

Altitude the majority of driving is done
+/- 1000 Ft. Tuning can only be done for the altitude the car lives at... e.g. 1500-6000 is not a tuneable range and neither is 5000-10000 

Car / Vehicle Model: 

Engine  Model:
e.g. Datsun L28 Stroked to 3.0 with Long Rods and Ported head with 300 Cam ) 

Type of use:  Street    Road Race     Drag Race    Aircraft       Marine


Compression Ratio: 
Recent Compression test ?: 
Again, More customers than I can remember have spent months tuning carbs when they actually had a dead cylinder or 2 

RPM Range used / desired:

Cam profile being used: 

Ignition System:
Distributor with Points and Condensor
Distributor with Electronic Ignition
If Distributor does it have a Vacuum advance Yes / No      Is vacuum advance hooked up and if so what source is it hooked to ? 
Crank Fired multi coil
Anything else.

If Multi Carbs what Synch Tool you are using:

Air Horns or Air Filters ?:
If Air Filters what type ?

And Finally........
Description of problem(s) you are having with as much reasonable detail as possible...
The reason we ask for all of this is it is exactly what we would be doing here if your car was brought to us for Tuning and Troubleshooting..We will not start tuning on a poor running car until we have done a compression test and pulled the spark plugs and replaced them if not like new...You cannot tune a car with fouled plugs and No, cleaning them with a Brush does not help. 

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