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REDLINE Original Air Filter, Adapters

REDLINE Original Air Filter, Adapters

REDLINE, Original Air Filter, Adapters

MFG. Model Weber Family A/F Adapter
Audi w/2bl Solex DGV/DGEV 99004.350
BMW 2002 w/2bl Solex DGV/DGEV 99004.351
  Baveria, 2.8, 3.0 DGV/DGEV 99010.093
Chrysler D50, Pick-up and DGV/DGEV 99010.610
Mitsubisi Similar Mikuni carbs    
Ford All V6 DGV/DGEV 99010.468
  Motocraft Varible Venturi    
  Holley 2300    
Jeep 258 inline 6cyl DGV/DGEV 99010.600
G.M. All Rodchester 2SE DGV/DGEV/DGES tall 99010.490
  All Rodchester 2SE DGV/DGEV/DGES short 99010.491
Mazda B2000, 1986-88 DGV/DGEV 99010.675
Nissan 510, 610, 620, 710, DGV/DGEV 99010.301
Datsun 720, & NapZ22    
  1200, B210 DGV/DGEV 99010.600
Opel 1.9 & GT DGV/DGEV 99004.350
Suzuki Samurai DGV/DGEV 99010.600
Toyota 20R round DGV/DGEV 99010.302
  22R rectangular DGV/DGEV 99010.303
  2F Land Cruiser DGV/DGEV 99010.743
Universal 5 11/16" x 5 5/16"   DGV/DGEV 99010.457
  5 7/16" x 5" DGV/DGEV 99010.458

Thanks to all of you keeping us so busy the last few months we have to make a change to our Phone hours.

We can be reached via Phone Mon-Fri 10:00am to 3:00pm Pacific time. 

The Shop is open and we are working normal hours but we need those extra hours to catch up on Engine work, Carb rebuilding, and shipping. 

If you call before or after the hours of 10:00am - 3:00pm leave us a detailed  message and we will call you back. 
You can always shoot us an email at 
Obviously you are seeing this on the website so much of what you may need will be here...

Thanks for understanding and for all the support that is keeping us so busy....

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