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Weber Carb Rebuilding services

Weber Carb Rebuilding services

Weber Carb Rebuilding Services

We offer Rebuilding and Re-Jetting services for the Weber 32/36 DGV / DGEV / DFEV series, 38 DGES , 40, 42, 45, 48 and 50mm DCOE Sidedraft carbs, 44 and 48 IDF Carbs and 48 IDA. We offer basic rebuilds for the 3 Barrel IDA-3C but we cannot Re-Shaft them if the bodies or shafts are damamged. Contact us about 3 Bbl. carb services.

Rebuilds include complete rebuild kit, Gaskets, O-Rings, Float Needle and Seats, and Mixture screws as needed. All DCOE carbs also get new Internal Return Springs. Floats are replaced as needed and there is a seperate charge for the floats.

Carbs are stripped down and cleaned in a chemical dip. All passages are flushed and cleaned to insure there are no debis obstructions. Carbs are Re-Assembled with all new Gaskets and Seals, Floats levels are set. We also offer the options of Re-Jetting and Reace Preparation on the Weber 32/36 Series carbs. Note that all carbs will be inspected after cleaning to determine is the carb is rebuildable.

If the carb is no good and we do not feel it can be rebuilt successfully we will notify you. If you purchase a New carb from us there will be no charge for the teardown, inspection and cleaning...If you do not purchase a new carb there will be a $60.00 Inspection and cleaning fee as well as the return shipping charges to send you back the old carb.

The prices below reflect the normal rebuild and assumes that the carbs are complete and rebuildable...If there are missing parts or damage beyond the scope of the normal service kits you will be quoted before we proceed...

Rebuild 32/36 (No re-Jet or Race Prep) $195 OrderNow
This is just a stright up rebuild

Rebuild 32/36 with Performance Re-Jet Only $210 Order Now
We will Re-Jet the carb to the proper main, air and Idle jets for the application.

Rebuild 32/36 with Performance Re-Jet AND Race Prep. $295 Order Now
For Track Use Only. Choke elimintated, Tapped Fuel Line, Main Jet Circuit Mods for High RPM and hard cornering

Rebuild 38 DGES $185 Order Now
This is just a stright up rebuild

Rebuild 38 DGES with Performance Re-Jet $220 Order Now
We will Re-Jet the carb to the proper main, air and Idle jets for the application.

Rebuild 40-45 DCOE $195 Order Now

Rebuild 40-48 IDF Carbs $195 Order Now

Rebuild 48 IDA $295 Order Now

Rebuild 40 IDA3C or 46 IDA3C  Starting at $295 each Order Now
NOTE: We do not Machine the Bodies or Shafts any longer...If that needs to be done we cannot service that carb set.

Add to each carb for New Float. $29 Order Now

Please CONTACT US with any Questions or to Arrange sending your Carb(s) in for Rebuilding. 

While in for Rebuild we can Re-Jet your carbs for the cost of the Jets and Chokes needed..
We can set your carbs up based on our 30+ years of  Weber carb Tuning experience. 

How To Send in a Weber Carb for Rebuilding
Drain All Fuel...Wrap Carb in a Plastic Bag...Box it up and ship to
Top-End Performance
Weber Carb Rebuilding
7452 Varna Ave
North Hollywood  CA  91605 USA

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