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Electromotive’s patented advanced digital ignition control resides inside the new XDI, the most powerful stand-alone ignition available. With an amazing 0.1o degree timing accuracy, the XDI assures optimum resolution. The advanced coil-charging scheme delivers the highest possible Spark Output regardless of RPM. The 60 tooth crank trigger wheel replaces that mechanical distributor plagued with timing slop (cap and rotor wear) and eliminates spark scatter due to gear lash, chain stretch etc.


Ignition Curves that You control!


Use the knobs to adjust your rev limits as well. The integral rev-limiter may be set anywhere between 4,000 to 15,000 RPM. For drag racing an additional rev-limiter can be wired for staging rev-limiter! The new ‘Triple Smooth’ rev limiting technology first retards the timing to negative 12o. 2nd step cuts the coil current in half. the 3rd step the coil current is cut off. of this happening in a millisecond results in very smooth rev limiting action.


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  • Ron Reese TEC-GT200 Package

    Ron Reese TEC-GT200 Package

  • TECs-200 8' Harness
    $199.00 Click for price

    TECs-200 8' Harness

  • TECs-200 ECU
    $1,199.00 Click for price

    TECs-200 ECU

  • TECgt-200 8' harness
    $299.00 Click for price

    TECgt-200 8' harness

  • TECgt-200 ECU
    $1,699.00 Click for price

    TECgt-200 ECU

  • XDI200 8' Hanress (replacement)
    $249.00 Click for price

    XDI200 8' Hanress (replacement)

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