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Cooling System Components and Upgrades

Cooling System Components and Upgrades

Cooling System and Upgrades

The cooling system and fans are the cause of more grief and cracked cylinder heads. You must make sure the cooling system is working properly. Contrary to popular belief a Starion does not run hot. Even on a 100 degree Southern California afternoon with the A/C on it should not even get to on the gauge. The biggest problem we encounter is age. The radiators are getting old and are 15%-20% clogged. They work fine until you start to make some HP then or get stuck in traffic on a hot day, then up go the temp and there go the cylinder head. If your radiator has not been serviced any time in recent history, take it to a radiator shop and have it professionally cleaned. If the core is bad, replace it or upgrade it.


Cooling fan relay kit $50.00 ORDER NOW

We are very proud of this simple little upgrade. Uses your stock low temp fan switch but replaces the rest of the stock electronic controls. Turns both inner fans on simultaneously with much more power than the stock relays provide. Higher fan RPM and better cooling at lower temps. Also hooks the A/C fan directly to the compressor to insure it comes on whenever the A/C is operating. A must for cooling and the life of you re A/C components.

Free UPS Ground Shipping in the Lower 48 States.

Upper and Lower Radiator hose set We no longer offer these...Discontinued from Mitsubishi but you can get them from a local Auto Parts store

Heater Hose set (2 hoses at rear of head.) $72.00 ORDER NOW

Belt set (AC, PS, Water pump belts) $45.00 ORDER NOW

Water pump    $79.00 ORDER NOW

Thermostat     $16.00 ORDER NOW

New and Rebuilt Original Eqipment Replacement parts for all Import Cars and Trucks
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