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BMW Parts Price List

BMW Parts Price List

BMW Parts and Machining Price List

Please use this for reference and contact us for current pricing before ordering....Many of parts are still priced correctly
but currency fluctuations, etc. have caused many of these to change...

This is our complete parts listing and price list. It should be fairly comprehensive although I m sure I forgot at least a few things. If you don t see it on this list call and ask. These should be the definitive prices at the time of printing but always ask when placing an order. Some stuff is beyond our control and the prices can change.


Engine Parts and Components:

Cylinder Heads and Components:


Rebuilt Cylinder Heads (Using your core)

All our heads are rebuilt the same way. 100% complete. Heads are disassembled, Bead Blasted and Pressure tested. Cracked heads can be repaired but it is usually cheaper and easier to use a different casting. All New valve guides (All M10 heads get late style E21 guides that use the good small seals..) Are installed. Seats and valves are replaced as needed. 3 angle valve job with hand lap and back-cut. Surfaced top and bottom with the upper front cover to insure a leak free installation . All new Rocker Arms, Rocker shafts and Dual valve springs. Reground cam with your choice of 282, 288, 294, or stock camshafts. Assembled with Viton valve stem seals. Includes the complete head gasket set.


M10 $995.00 using your core head and camshaft. ORDER NOW

M20 $1195.00 ORDER NOW

Big 6 $1295.00 ORDER NOW

Max7 day in shop time.

Add a full set of Stainless Steel Performance valves for

4 cyl $120.00 when having the head rebuilt . ORDER NOW

6 cyl $175.00 when having the head rebuilt .  ORDER NOW
Head Porting
$400 4 cyl 8V ORDER NOW
$525 6 cyl 12V ORDER NOW

$595 4 cyl 16V ORDER NOW

$895 6 cyl 24V  ORDER NOW
Add $19 each for Titanium Valve Retainers for M10 and M30


Yes we can supply cores and sell heads on an outright basis if your core is junk. Core head price varies with current supply. It averages $250.00 for a 121, E12, E21, or 1.8i head. If we are building the engine we always prefer using the E12 or 1.8i head castings .



All our cams are available either as re-ground on stock cores or as NEW Billets. The 302, 316 and 328 require the use of lash caps. All cams are re-hardened and will have the same if not better life than the original unit. All reground cams are sold on an exchange basis with a $100.00 core charge if we happen to have a core available in stock. We can also grind your core. Turnaround time on cam grinding is 3-4 days. We have more grinds than just what are listed here. We have all the Euro cam masters as well as a variety of other upgrade cams that we can do.

         All Performance Re-Grinds:

4 Cylinder $199.00 ORDER NOW Small 6 $189.00  ORDER NOW  Big 6 $199.00 ORDER NOW

         All NEW Performance Grinds:

4 Cylinder $369.00 ORDER NOW Small 6 $425  Big 6 $459 ORDER NOW

ITB Stealth Cheater Grind for IT Racing. Stock Lift. 286 duration. Works good with stock springs. A very good chance the guy next to you on the pre-grid is using one ..

274 Baby 6 with K-Jetronic and Motronic Injection. 325I and 323I

278 Very mild street upgrade for stock engines

284 Tii and 320i with C.I.S. Injection. Also 318I with L Jetronic

288 All around great street cam for 2 bbl or sidedrafts. Our #1 choice

294 Okay for big 2 bbl or Sidedrafts. 9.6:1 or higher

300 Sidedrafts only. 10.0:1 up. 3800 - 7500

302 Sidedrafts only. 10.5:1 up. 4000 - 7800

316 Sidedrafts only. Road Race Only 11.5:1 up. 4500 - 8000

328 Sidedrafts only. Road Race Only 12:1 up 5000 - 9000


Lash Caps for cam adjusters 5.00 ea.


Performance Valve Train Kits:

This is a complete set of (4) Stainless Steel 46mm intake and (4) 38mm Exhaust valves and Dual Performance Street Valve spring set


4 cylinder 223.00 ORDER NOW

6 cylinder 351.00 ORDER NOW


Titanium Retainers
4 Cylinder $155 ORDER NOW
6 Cylinder $228 ORDER NOW


Cylinder Head Components

ARP Head Studs. The last word in strength. For High Compression or Turbo Engines.
            4 cylinder 139.00 ORDER NOW

6 cylinder 210.00 ORDER NOW

Heavy Duty Head Bolt Set. 15% stronger than stock bolts 79.00 set ORDER NOW

Stock Replacement Head Bolts 45.00 set ORDER NOW

Big Bore Head Gaskets for up to 91mm Bore 45.00 ORDER NOW

Heavy Duty Dual Street Valve Springs 89.00 set ORDER NOW

Race Valve Springs 119.00 set ORDER NOW

Rocker Shafts 29.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Rocker Arms 13.95 ea. ORDER NOW

Eccentric Adjusters 2.50 ea ORDER NOW

Manifold Studs 3.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Valve Cover Studs 2.00 ea. ORDER NOW

German Head Gasket Set 79.00 ORDER NOW

Valve Cover Gasket 6.95 ORDER NOW

Rear Distributor Housing Gaskets 3.50 ORDER NOW

O-Ring Washer For Rear Housing 1.80 ORDER NOW

Upper Timing Cover Gaskets 5.00 pr. ORDER NOW

Distributor O-Ring 1.50 ORDER NOW

Valve Stem Seals

2002 Big Style 1.20 ea. ORDER NOW

320I Small Viton Seals 2.50 ea. ORDER NOW

Stock Exhaust Valve 38mm 25.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Stock Intake Valve 46mm 19.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Stainless Steel Intake or Exhaust Valves 38mm and 46mm 18.00 ea ORDER NOW

High heat coating on valves 12.00 ea ORDER NOW

Lash Caps for big cams 5.00 ea ORDER NOW

Custom Size Stainless Steel Valves made to order 36.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Machined from blanks Any head size or length you want Requires use of Lash Caps which are              included in price of valves


Head Machining Services:

R&R Valve train

Remove and install Rockers, Shafts, Cam, Valves and Springs 50.00 ORDER NOW

3 Angle Valve Job 120.00

Includes clean and blast

Hand Lap and Back-Cut (12) 32.00 ORDER NOW

Surface head top and bottom 60.00 ORDER NOW

Install Valve Guides ( Includes guide ) 10.95 ea ORDER NOW

Install new seats (Includes Seat ) 24.00 ea ORDER NOW

Crack Repair call

Match port head and manifold only 120.00 ORDER NOW

Match port carbs to manifold ( Dual Carbs ) 150.00 ORDER NOW





Block Components and Engine Rebuild Kits:

Forged Piston Sets 4 cylinder     650.00 set ORDER NOW

6 cylinder 945.00 set ORDER NOW

JE Forged Pistons. Low expansion. Tighter piston to wall clearance than any other forged pistons. Very quiet cold operation. Exceptionally good replacements for the terrible factory E30 M3 pistons. Sets of 4 or 6 Any size and any compression ratio. These piston sets are made to order and are available for all engines. We can do any dome or dish configuration for Normally aspirated ,Turbo, or Nitrous applications. Drag Race, Road race, or Performance Street engines. 4-5 week order time on all sets. All forged piston sets come with tool steel wrist pins and pin locks. All our Forged piston sets come complete with Total-Seal Gapless Rings.


Factory Piston Sets Call

Call for availability and pricing

High Heat coating on piston tops and skirts 49.00 ea

Hastings piston Rings 89.00 ORDER NOW

Good replacement ring for a stock engine on a budget.

Total-Seal piston Rings 4 cylinder 145.00 ORDER NOW

6 cylinder     229.00 ORDER NOW

Simply the best. Whether it is a stock engine or a full race engine these rings will enhance the performance and life of your engine.


Oil Cooler Kits.

Earls Oil Cooler, Adapter, Steel Braided Lines and Fittings 399.00 ORDER NOW

Race Prepared Connecting Rod Sets 375.00 set ORDER NOW

Shot Peened, Lightened, Polished, Magnafluxed, Re-Sized, Re-Bushed, New Bolts

Must have your rod cores to do.

Race Prepped Cranks 395.00 ORDER NOW

Shot Peened, Detailed, Oil Holes Enlarged, Index Ground, Heat Treated

Must have your crankshaft to do.

German Lower End gasket set 45.00 ORDER NOW

Timing Cover Gasket Set ( Lower Only ) 19.00 ORDER NOW

Timing chain (No master link) 59

Oil Pump Chain 11.95 ORDER NOW

Oil Pump                   Call or email for current price and availability

Available for 2002 or 320i pan. Comes with Gear, Nut, and Washer

Tensioner Rail 21.00 ORDER NOW

Guide Rail 16.00 ORDER NOW

Tensioner Piston and Spring 12.00 ORDER NOW

Tensioner spring cap 5.00 ORDER NOW

Adjustable Mechanical Tensioner 75.00 ORDER NOW

KS Rod Bearings $55 ORDER NOW

Std. .25, .50 ORDER NOW

KS Main Bearings $89.00 ORDER NOW

Std. .25. .50  ORDER NOW

Oil Pan Baffle. Drop in and weld 2002 50.00 ORDER NOW


Wrist Pin Bushings 28.00 set ORDER NOW

Rod bolts and nuts 4 cylinder 59.00 set ORDER NOW

6 cylinder     88.00 set

Single Groove Crank Pulley 189.00 ORDER NOW


Engine Rebuild Kits:

4 cylinder M10 SHORT BLOCK Performance Engine Rebuild kit: (2002,320i, 318i)

            JE Forged pistons (Any bore size or compression ratio)with JE Pro-Seal Rings

             German Rod and Main bearings (std, 10, 20)

             Full engine gasket set

             Timing chain, tensioner and guide rails

             $1295 Order Now 

Oil Pumps have been discontinued and are very difficult and expensive to find....IF we have any available the average cost for the pumps will be $500+

Add $120  for Total-Seal Gapless 2nd Rings 
Add $152 for Gapless Top Rings
Add $129 For Rod bolts and Nut Set 
Add $149 for ARP Head Stud Set 
Add $89 for ARP Main Stud Set
Add $141 for Cometic MLS Head Gasket in .051" thickness


4 cylinder M10 LONG BLOCK Performance Engine Rebuild kit: (2002,320i, 318i)

             Performance Re-Ground camshaft (288, 294, or 302) exchange.

            Add $219 for a NEW Camshaft if you do not have a core or want to keep your original

             Performance Dual Valve Spring set

             New Rocker arms and Rocker Shafts

             New Intake and exhaust manifold Studs and Nuts

             New Heavy Duty Cylinder Head bolts

             JE Forged pistons (Any bore size or compression ratio)with JE Pro Seal Rings

             German Rod and Main bearings (std, 10, 20)

             Full engine gasket set

             Timing chain, tensioner and guide rails

             $1825 Order Now

Oil Pumps have been discontinued and are very difficult and expensive to find....IF we have any available the average cost for the pumps will be $500+

Add $120 for Total-Seal Gapless 2nd Rings 
Add $152 for Gapless Top Rings
Add $129 For Rod bolts and Nut Set 
Add $149 for ARP Head Stud Set 
Add $89 for ARP Main Stud Set
Add $141 for Cometic MLS Head Gasket in .051" thickness



Block and Rotating Assembly Machine Work:

Hot tank and Magnaflux block 60.00 ORDER NOW

Bore and Hone block

to .040 over 120.00

to .080 over 180.00

to .120 over 200.00

Hone block only 50.00 Order Now

Re-size big ends of rods 15.00 ea Order Now

Re-bush small ends of rods 25.00 ea Order Now

Micropolish crank only 30.00 Order Now

Grind crankshaft and micropolish 80.00 Order Now

Heat treat crankshaft 150.00 Order Now

Balance Rotating assembly 160.00 Order Now

Crankshaft, Rods, Pistons, Front Pulley, Flywheel, Pressure plate.


Flywheel Lightening 150.00

Lighten, Surface, and Step your flywheel Excellent compromise in weight reduction and mass              retention for street and race use .


Cooling System:

Super Duty Cooling System Kit $339 ORDER NOW

New Aluminum radiator, Lower rad hose, 71 C degree thermostat

Radiator cap. Drain plug. Hose clamps.

Aluminum and Plastic Radiator Only for 2002 or 320I $289 ORDER NOW

Complete Hose Kit Call or email...Prices and availability are subjest to change...

10 hoses including heater and choke hoses.

We sell all the individual hoses as well. Call with whatever you need.

Low Temperature ( 71 C) Thermostat $29.95 ORDER NOW

German Water Pumps

Regular      69.00     Tii    Call or email...Prices and availability are subjest to change..

German Alternator / Water Pump Belts 6.50 ORDER NOW

Heavy Duty Radiator Cap. Lever Vent Style 10.00 ORDER NOW

Standard Radiator cap 6.50 ORDER NOW

Radiator Drain Plug 4.50

Plastic cooling fan

Big 52.00 ORDER NOW

Standard 42.00 ORDER NOW


Clutch / Flywheel / Driveline Components:

Lightened Stock Flywheels.

We Lighten, Surface, Step, and Zero Balance Your Flywheel 160.00

215mm Flywheels usually come out 10-11 lbs.

228mm Flywheels usually come out 15-16 lbs.

Occasionally we have cores and can sell a flywheel on an exchange basis. Call for availability. Otherwise it is a 3-4 day turnaround time once we receive yours.

Clutch Kits are

Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing.


215mm F&S German Stock replacement clutch Kit $269 ORDER NOW

228mm F&S German Stock replacement clutch Kit $319 ORDER NOW


Sport Kits have a 15% heavier Diaphragm Installed and use a Higher Heat Coefficient Disc Material

215mm Sport Street and Autocross Clutch Kit $299 ORDER NOW

228mm Sport Street and Autocross Clutch Kit $339 ORDER NOW


Race Clutch Kits:

Race Clutches have a 25% Heavier Diaphragm and use a Specially Treated Metallic Puck Clutch Disc


We Offer these In Sprung Hub for Extreme Duty Street Use and Solid Hub Lightweight for Race Track Only Applications

215mm Race Clutch sprung $359  ORDER NOW

215mm Race Clutch solid $379 ORDER NOW

228mm Race Clutch sprung $399 ORDER NOW

228mm Race Clutch solid $399 ORDER NOW


Misc. Shifter and Driveline Pieces:

Shifter Rebuild and Upgrade Kit: $199 ORDER NOW

Complete kit to rebuild and upgrade your 4 speed shifter to the late style linkage Includes the Lower shift lever and ball with Delrin bushing, The bushings between the upper and lower shifter levers, selector rod, cup bushings, knuckle between trans and selector rod, pin and clip for knuckle, retaining clips and bushings, Shift tower to tans mounts .In other words..Everything you need to make it feel better than new .

Add $20.00 to have it shortened for 5 speed conversion

Add $40.00 for Short Throw Shifter Conversion


Flywheel Bolts. Specify Length 22mm or 27mm 4.00 ea ORDER NOW

Rear Main Seals 14.00 ORDER NOW

Rear Main Seal Gaskets 5.00 ORDER NOW

Heavy Duty Rear Trans Mount 22.00 ORDER NOW


Driveshaft and 5 speed components:

Bolt in 5 speed crossmember with trans mount 110.00

This is the best bolt-in 5 speed x-member made Comes with all hardware and the trans mount..Over              200 in use around the world

Shortened 5 speed conversion shifter housing 120.00 ORDER NOW


Guibo ( flex disc )

8 bolt standard 39.00 ORDER NOW

8 bolt Heavy duty 49.00 ORDER NOW

6 bolt standard 45.00 ORDER NOW

Center support assembly 39.00 ORDER NOW


Suspension / Chassis / Mounts

Suspension Kits:

Street Suspension kit: 1425.00

         Front and Rear Bilstein HD Struts and Shocks.

         H/D Street and Autocross Springs

         Urethane Front Bushing Kit

         22mm front and 19mm adjustable rear Sway Bar set with all bushings and hardware

         Fixed Negative Camber Offset plates

         Front and Rear Ultimate Brace Package


Race Suspension Kit: 1895.00

A full I.T. or Club Race suspension kit. Used by countless race winners and track record holders across the U.S.A.

         Sway Bar Set

         Bilstein Sport Struts and Shocks

         Urethane front bushing kit

         Urethane rear bushing kit

         Solid rear subframe mounts

         Front Coil-Over kit

         Rear race coil springs

         Front I.T. Legal strut tower brace



Front Ultimate strut tower brace with engine torque brace. (2002 only) 269.00

Front Single Tube Strut tower brace

2002 159.00

320I 169.00

Engine Torque brace for Single Tube Brace. 2002 or 320I 89.00 ORDER NOW

Replacement Mount for Engine Torque Brace 12.00 ORDER NOW

Engine Torque Brace Only for use with your existing Strut Brace 75.00 ORDER NOW

( Must be made to your strut brace )

Stand Alone Engine Torque Brace for use without Strut Tower Brace 105.00 ORDER NOW


Coil-Over Conversions

All coil over conversions include

Adjustable camber plates, (Either the Racing plates or the K-MAC plates. Your choice.) Threaded collar adjusters, Mounting hardware Upper and Lower spring perches and 2.5 springs. Your choice of rate. 8 or 10 length.

2002 510.00

320I 525.00

E30 M3 525.00


Racing Adjustable camber plates 289.00 pr. ORDER NOW

Same as used in coil over kit. Hard anodized aluminum. Spherical and flat steering bearings.

K-MAC Street Camber / Caster plates 299.00 pr. ORDER NOW

2.5 upper spring perch.

Threaded collar adjusters with lower perch 109.00 pr ORDER NOW

2.5 coil over springs 115.00 pr ORDER NOW

Negative offset plates. 75.00 pair ORDER NOW

degree Negative offset. Bolt in part

Urethane Front Bushing Kit 69.00 ORDER NOW

Control Arm Inner and Outer and Strut Rods at Core Support

Urethane Sway bar to Frame Bushings. Specify 19mm, 22mm, 25mm 19.00 pr ORDER NOW

Specify Bar Diameter

Urethane Sway Bar End Links 21.00 pr ORDER NOW

Complete With Bolts, Bushes, Washers

Urethane Sway Bar End Link Bushings ( 8 required per bar ) 2.00 ea. ORDER NOW

New Front Control arms with rubber bushings installed 119.00 ea ORDER NOW

320I Front Control Arms Include Ball Joints 89.00 ea ORDER NOW

Re-Enforced Front control arms with urethane bushing installed 2002 only 380.00 pr

Lower Ball Joints 35.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Tie Rod Assemblies. Complete Inner and outer tie rod ends and sleeves 49.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Center Steering Link. (Drag Link) 69.00 ORDER NOW

H/D Idler Arm Bushings Pair. 45.00 ORDER NOW


Front End Steering Rebuild Kit: $289.00 ORDER NOW

This is all the pieces you need to get the front of your 2002 feeling like new.

         Center Steering Link

         (2) Steering rods

         (2) Idler Arm bushings

         (2) Ball joints


Sway Bar Set

22mm front and 19mm rear adjustable 325.00 pr ORDER NOW

Front Bar Only 169.00 ORDER NOW

22mm Adjustable Front Bar 250.00 ORDER NOW

U Brackets for sway bar mounting 4.50 ea. ORDER NOW

Bilstein Sport Strut Inserts

Standard Length Strut Tube 129.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Shortened Strut Tube 139.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Bilstein H/D Strut Inserts 109.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Tokico Illumina 5 way adjustable Strut Inserts 139.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Shortened Strut Tube or Adjustable Camber Plates Only

Tokico Non-Adjustable Strut Inserts 79.00 ea. ORDER NOW

KYB Strut Inserts 59.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Upper Strut bearings stock replacement 49.95 ea ORDER NOW

Upper Strut Bearing Assemblies ( Heavy Duty Rubber ) 65.00ea. Upper Strut Bearings with Negative Offset Plates combo 185.00 ORDER NOW

Front H/D Motor Mounts ( Pairs Only ) 2002 56.00 pr ORDER NOW

Front Stock Replacement Motor mounts 45.00 pr ORDER NOW

Front Wheel Bearing Kits ( Both Sides Inner and Outer with Seals ) 49.00 ORDER NOW



Rear Shock Tower Brace and Battery Relocation Kit 199.00 ORDER NOW

Specify 2002 or 320i

Rear Shock Tower Brace and Battery Relocation Kit for Coupe 199.00 ORDER NOW

Optional Master Battery Cut Off Switch with Removable Key. 29.00 ORDER NOW

Rear brace less cable kit 180.00 ORDER NOW

Bilstein Sport Rear Shocks 89.00 ORDER NOW

Bilstein H/D Rear Shocks 85.00 ORDER NOW

Tokico Non-Adjustable Rear Shocks 59.00 ORDER NOW

KYB Gas Shocks 39.00 ORDER NOW

Coil-Over Conversion Kit

Complete kit with adjustable shocks, springs, height adjusters, mounting hardware. Pair.

2002 695.00 ORDER NOW

E21 Rear coil over upgrade for Bilstein sports 280.00 ORDER NOW

Threaded collar adjusters, 2.5 coil springs, Upper perch adapters

19mm Rear Adjustable Bar Only 199.00 17mm ORDER NOW

Urethane Sway bar to Frame Bushings for 19mm bar 19.00 pr ORDER NOW

U Brackets for bar 4.50 ea. ORDER NOW

Solid Rear Subframe Mounts. Pair

2002 85.00 ORDER NOW

320i 100.00 ORDER NOW

H/D Rubber Subframe Mounts. Pair

2002 119.00 ORDER NOW

320i 139.00 ORDER NOW

Boxed Rear Control Arms 200.00 ORDER NOW

This is per pair and must be done to your control arms.

Rear Axle Bearing Set. Inner and Outer and Seals 50.00 side ORDER NOW


Brake System and Conversions:

Big Front Brake Kit for 2002 $695 ORDER NOW

Vented rotors, Rebuilt calipers, Hubs, Wheel Bearings, Wheel Studs, Metal Master pads, Dust caps, Spacers. 100% bolt-on for non-Tii calipers.




2002 Performance Braking Package: call

2002 Big Front Brake Kit with (2) new Rear Brake Drums, (1) set of 4 Rear Brake Shoes, Set of (4) Steel Braided Brake lines ORDER NOW


Metal Master Brake Pads ( Front )

Stock Brakes 45.00 ORDER NOW

Tii Brakes or Early 5 series 49.00 ORDER NOW

320I 1977 49.00 ORDER NOW

320I 78 on 49.00 ORDER NOW

E30 M3 59.00 ORDER NOW

E12 49.00 ORDER NOW

Big Front Brake Kit 49.00 ORDER NOW


R4 Carbon Kevlar Racing Brake Pads

Stock Brakes 129.00 ORDER NOW

Tii Brakes or Early 5 series 139.00 ORDER NOW

320I 1977-83 139.00 ORDER NOW

E30 M3 169.00 ORDER NOW

Big Front Brake Kit 149.00 ORDER NOW


Rear Brake Shoes

New H/D Shoes for

2002 39.00 ORDER NOW

320I 39.00 ORDER NOW


R4 Carbon Kevlar Racing Shoes

2002 or 320I 189.00 ORDER NOW

Brake Master Cylinder

Std 2002 139 ORDER NOW


4 Wheel Disc Conversion Master    159 ORDER NOW

Wheel Cylinders

16mm std 28.00 ea ORDER NOW

17mm Tii 39.00 ORDER NOW

320I 19.95 ORDER NOW

Rebuilt Brake Calipers

2002 std 89.00 ea ORDER NOW

Tii 109.00 ea ORDER NOW

E21 89.00 ea ORDER NOW

E12 109.00 ea. ORDER NOW

All rebuilt calipers are exchange and carry a $50.00 each core charge. All come with ORDER NOW

Stock Brake pads installed

Rebuild kits for Calipers 24.00 ea ORDER NOW

Steel Braided ( Stainless Steel )Brake Line Kit

Our Steel Braided lines are different than most of the lines that are sold today. Most places use the mass produced Crimp style lines. These are cheap to manufacture but also suffer from many leakage problems and generally have a short life. The other problem is that they can only be sold in sets which means if you have a problem with a line you cannot replace the line or the fitting but rather you will have to buy a complete new set. All our line feature replaceable lines and fittings.

4 Wheels. (8) Lines 109.00 ORDER NOW

Front Only (4) Lines 89.00 ORDER NOW

Clutch Slave Line 45.00 ORDER NOW

For standard or 5 speed conversions

Stock Rubber Brake Lines 14.00 ea. ORDER NOW


Weber Carburetion:


Top-End Performance has a very strict Meet it or Beat It pricing policy on all Weber carbs and conversions. No one can beat our price for New Weber product..If for some reason you find a lower price ON THE SAME THING we will Meet or Beat it..We also offer FREE UPS GROUND shipping on all complete Weber conversion kits .To learn more about our Weber product line visit our Weber website at


See our Weber Carb page for details and current prices



Ignition and Electrical System:

Ultimate Spark Package

MSD-6A, MSD Tach Adapter, 8mm Wire set, Pertronix Ignition

NGK Spark Plugs, Bosch red coil $495 ORDER NOW

This package is the answer to all your ignition dreams Fast starts in all weather, great idle quality, much higher RPM potential, Better fuel economy, More spark so you can run more aggressive carb jetting for more power Nothing but positive benefits. Truly amazing on Tii's


Bosch Points 6.00 ORDER NOW

Bosch Condenser 10.50 ORDER NOW

Bosch Distributor Cap 12.00 ORDER NOW

Specify Year and Distributor

Bosch Ignition Rotor

Standard 6.00 ORDER NOW

Rev Limiting 39.00 ORDER NOW

TEP 8mm Plug Wire Set ( Short Coil Wire Only )           39.00 ORDER NOW

NGK Spark Plugs. BP6ES or BP7ES 1.99 ea. ORDER NOW

Bosch Spark Plugs W8DC or W7DC 1.79 ea. ORDER NOW

No, we do not sell Bosch Platinum Plugs. They are terrible. Use NGK or Standard Bosch We also do not sell or want anything to do with Splitfires. They are useless.

Pertronix Electronic Ignition Unit 89.00 ORDER NOW

Crane Electronic Ignition Unit 109.00 ORDER NOW

Bosch Blue Coil 32.00 ORDER NOW

MSD 6A Unit 169.00 ORDER NOW

MSD Tach Adapter 45.00 ORDER NOW


65 amp Internal Regulator Alternator kit

End the Dim Dash light and headlight woes associated with all 2002 s .You can actually run Halogen headlights on high beam, your stereo, wipers, and heater blower motor all at the same time with no loss of power to anything .Truly a great conversion ..

Standard 179.00 ORDER NOW

Tii 189.00 ORDER NOW


Fuel Injection and D.I.S. Ignition:

320I stock fuel injectors 45.00 ea ORDER NOW

320I high flow injectors ( +5% ) 55.00 ea ORDER NOW

We also sell all the replacement F.I. components for all Bosch systems on 320i, E12, Etc.


Electromotive XDI D.I.S. Ignition system 1045.00 ORDER NOW

Bolt-on package with HPX unit. Trigger wheel. Magnetic Pickup. New single groove crank pulley with trigger wheel machined, indexed and installed. Bolt-on mag pickup brackets and plug Wires


Electromotive TEC-3 Management systems

Bar none the finest aftermarket management you can buy Even if you spend more you won t get as good a system .

Complete system. ECU, DFU, Harness, Sensor Package and Connectors, WinTEC Software and Programming cable. We have THE BEST PRICE in the US on NEW TEC-3 Systems.                               2250.00


HALTECH F10, E6K Management systems

Complete systems. ECU, Narness, Sensors, Software, Etc.

F10x Fuel Injection Management Only 1095.00 ORDER NOW

E6x Fuel and Ignition management 1350 ORDER NOW


Halmeter AF/30 Air Fuel Ratio Monitor. Meter Only 129.00 ORDER NOW

3 Wire Heated 02 sensor for Meter 69.00 ORDER NOW

Meter and 02 Sensor kit with weld nut and cap. 189.00

02 boss weld nut only     5.00 ORDER NOW

02 boss cap       4.00

Bosch Fuel Injection Pump. For up to 350 HP applications 179.00 ORDER NOW

We are a Bosch Distributor and can supply you with anything you need for a factory F.I. system as well as all aftermarket components for doing F.I. Conversions


F.I. Conversion Packages:

We offer several different EFI conversions for the 2002 and 320I models as well as programmable management systems for all current EFI equipped cars. Multiple throttle bodies, single throttle body log manifolds, Normally aspirated, Turbo, Etc. Contact us for details specific to your needs. To give you an idea so that you can decide if it is an area you even want to pursue . A complete dual sidedraft throttle body conversion with EVERYTHING needed to do the conversion including management, software, hardware, pumps, regulators, Etc

Complete Packages start from $2200.00 and go up to $4300.00 depending on the Induction style and management system you choose .



Exhaust Components:

1.5 14Ga. Header 199.00 ORDER NOW

1.625 14Ga Header 239.00 ORDER NOW

Any above with Oxygen Sensor Port Installed Add 20.00 ORDER NOW

Specify for 2002 , 320I, or 318I (E30)

Heat Shield Exhaust Manifold Gasket for Stock or Header    18.00 ORDER NOW

Exhaust Manifold Studs and Copper Nut $29 per set of 8 ea ORDER NOW


Turbo Exhaust Manifold for Garrett T3 Turbo $695 ORDER NOW

We also supply a complete line of T3 and T3/T4 Hybrid turbochargers for any application. Please visit our website for complete turbo information


Downpipe for Turbo manifold with T3. Includes flex pipe. 250.00 ORDER NOW


Weatherstrip and Seals and Misc

Front Windshield 69.00 ORDER NOW

Rear Window 65.00 ORDER NOW

Chrome Inserts for Front or Rear       56.00 ea ORDER NOW

Clip for Chrome Insert 3.00 ORDER NOW

Trunk Seal 49.00 ORDER NOW

Window Seals 69.00 ea ORDER NOW

Door Seals 180.00 ea. ORDER NOW

Sunroof Seal Set 39.00 ORDER NOW

Door Handle Seals 8.00 door ORDER NOW

Wheel Emblems. Roundel Centers Specify Diameter 4.00 ea ORDER NOW