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Posted 11-4-15

Complete Kit 

with NEW Properly Jetted 45 DCOE Weber with Air Horns, TEP Exclusive Lynx Ramflo Manifold, Cable Linkage Kit, Anti-Vibe mounts, Manifold to head gaskets and Brake Booster Fitting AND Bonus Stack Screen Filters

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* Lynx Ramflo Cross Flow Intake manifold...
* This is the ONLY single sidedraft manifold that works....
* Unique cross ram design ensures proper fuel delivey to all cylinders..
* Performance that rivals Dual Sidedrafts on stock or mildly modified engines.
* Outstanding performance and throttle response...
* No Brake Booster Interference
* Great for Blow Through Turbo applications

The original water lines running from the water pump to stock manifold must be removed and bypassed directly to the heater core.  Again there are so many variations on these lines over the years that the parts are not provided.  The cleanest (and most expensive) way is to use a 320i water pipe (part #1153 1266 817) in conjunction with the reducer hose (part #11531266472) and heater return hose (part #64 21 1 356 170).  
The cheap and easy method is to use a 5/8th heater hose all the way from the water pump to the heater return line. 

Water bypass kit $109   Order Now
Contains a new metal water line, new heater return hose, reducer hose, assorted plugs for the engine block and water manifold, plus all needed hose clamps and washers. 


Air Filter Options: Remember, the kit comes with open Air Horns Only. Select from the choice below for Air Filters.

Open Stacks Only 
as supplied in kit 
Ramflo Style Filter 
Snap On Stack Screens 
Clamp on Uni-Filters 
No charge. 
$45  Order Now
$25  Order Now
$27  Order Now

Proper Electric Fuel pump and mechanical pump block off plate....      $89.00  Order Now
This is an important option for race use...The stock mechanical pump will not deliver the proper amount of fuel to keep the flot bowl full under hard acceleration and racing conditions. ls also a must for converting Fuel Injected cars to Carb system...320i, 318i, Tii...

Cable Linkage kit Retrofit:                                                                    $98.00 Order Now
This is Supplied in all new kits and Manifolds. This is only if you have an existing manifold that does not have linkage 
This is the complete cable linkage kit to replace the Mechanical Linkage for the Single Sidedraft application.
Cable and housing, Mounting Brackets for Carb and Pedal. Swivels and cable anchors, throttle arm.

Top View        Bottom View 
Top View                                                   Bottom View 

Single side draft manifold for a BMW 2002 or early 3 series. Utilizes our patented Crossover design for even fuel distribution to each cylinder. Where other single carburetor manifolds fail, this one is in a class of its own. Your engine will run awesome... only surpassed by a dual Weber 45mm side draft setup. For your Weber or Dellorto carb to be utilized with this manifold, we can provide you with carb settings (i.e. the ones we used when we dynometered and perfected this setup on our prototype, though your engine may require you to make some changes as all engines run differently and therefore require different carb settings). This is an internationally patented item so you will not see another manifold like this available. We have been producing these manifolds in Australia for over 25 years so the sales volume speaks for itself. Others have tried to copy this manifold but their results are horrible! Buy with confidence as you will be pleased with the performance. 

Here is the mechanism by which this manifold works for all those that are confused by the crossover manifold concept... The manifold runners on cylinders 1&4 connect to one venturi (V1) of the carb, therefore cyls 2&3 connect to the other side of the carb (V2). With the firing order being 1,3,4,2 the intake pulse demand from the first cylinder(1) draws mixture from V1 venturi of the carb. The next one demanding a lungful is cylinder 3, which draws from venturi V2. The next one in the sequence is cylinder 4, which draws from the same venturi (V1) as number 1 cylinder and then number 2 cylinder draws from number 2 venturi(V2). You can see that the carb takes turns in feeding the cylinders due to the crossover design of the runners feeding each cylinder a fresh batch of air/fuel from the carb, alternating throats as it goes! 

The patented crossover design does just that- it splits the pulses (in firing order sequence) that are created by the downward movement of the piston so as one throat receives one pulse, and the next pulse (in the firing order sequence) goes to the other side of the carb. This way the pulses that the carb sees are evenly spaced, allowing better cylinder filling than the conventional design, hence more power and torque. Holley patented a style of manifold like this for the dual plane 4bbl S/B Chev, as they suffer from the same problem of all the available mixture being siphoned off from one side of the manifold, leaving nothing for the next one in the sequence (The firing order for the Chev is 1, 8, 4, 3, 6, 5 and then the cylinder next in sequence is siphoning 7, then obviously 2). 

This is an extraordinary manifold that we back 100%. You will be happy with the unparalleled results. Please contact us if you have any further questions as we would be happy to assist you. 

Please contact us if you have any questions on this item.