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You have my sincere apologies for not getting the new updated Z Car and 510 catalog finished yet. It has been a very busy 2 years with all of our time being devoted to filling orders, building engines, and upgrading cars. Unfortunately this has left little time for catalog updates. I am well on the way to having the updated catalog finished but it will still be a while. When it is completed it will be posted on our website for a free download.  Here is a line card summary of everything we offer for the 240Z-280ZX, 300ZX Turbo and 510 cars and engines. Please contact us via Phone, e-mail with specific price and availability question.



Shocks and Struts

Tokico , Bilstein, KYB

Strut Tower Braces

Z car Front and Rear

ZX Front

510 Front

Urethane and Race Bushings

Front and Rear Control Arm. Fixed and camber adjusting

Strut Rod

Idler Arm

Rack Mounts

Steering Couplers

Mustache bar mounts*

Subframe Mounts*

Trans Mounts

Diff Mounts*

*also available in solid for race only.

Sway Bars. Front. Rear. Sets.

Lowering Coils

Coil Over Conversions and Components

Threaded Collars, 2.5 Coil Over springs, Etc.

Camber plates

Street and Race



We are a complete performance engine building shop and can build anything from stock street engines to 600+ HP Turbo engines, to hard core GT Road Race engines. We have all the components, equipment, and 20+ years of Nissan/Datsun racing experience at our disposal to build any engine you want at very competitive pricing.

All 4 and 6 cylinder L engines, KA24 (Single and twin cams.), NAPS-Z, VG30 and VG30T. We still do the occasional A series engine for those that are still driving them.

Long Blocks

Short Blocks

Complete Cylinder heads

Complete engine packages with induction, ignition, exhaust, etc.

We can supply cores and deliver engines on an outright basis built to any level of modification for .

Street, Auto-X, Drag race, Road Race

Normally Aspirated, Turbo , Nitrous ..


Machine Shop Services:

Bore and hone with Torque Plate (Up to 91mm bore.)

Engine balancing

Complete head services

3 Angle racing valve jobs, hand lap and back-cut, surfacing, Hard seats, guides, Etc.

Head porting and polishing

Crankshaft grinding and detailing

Con rod resizing and Race Preparation

Shot Peening

Heat Treating

Floater wrist pin conversions

Hot tank and magnaflux

Bead Blasting and Pressure Testing

Line Hone/ Bore


Engine Components:

JE Forged Pistons

Total-Seal Gapless rings

Stock replacement pistons and rings

ARP Head studs, rod bolts, main studs

Stainless Steel and standard valves.

Stock and Oversize


New and Re-Ground

Mild street, Race, Carb and F.I. grinds, Turbo grinds

Rocker Arms, Retainers, Lash Pads (All sizes.)

Heavy duty valve springs (Street and race.)

Rod and main bearings

Timing Components and sets

Turbo oil pumps and adjustable pressure relief s

Competition Oil Pans (Baffled and Gated.) 4 and 6 cylinder

Gaskets and gasket sets



Big Brake Conversions

Z car Front 11.4 4 piston

Z car Front 13.0 4 piston

Z car Rear 11.4 4 piston

Z car Rear 11.0 2 piston

510   Front 10.5 4 piston

510   Rear10.0 2 piston

Stock and upgraded brake components

Gas slotted stock rotors

Stock rotors and calipers

Toyota 4x4 Calipers and pads

Steel Braided brake lines

Front, Rear, and sets

Performance Brake Pads

Repco Metal Masters

R4 Carbon Kevlar (Street and race compounds.)

Master Cylinders (Replacement and big bore)


Clutches and Flywheels:

Stock replacement Clutch Kits

H/D Street Clutches

Great Everyday driver and light duty Auto-X clutch.

Pro-Grip Race and Auto-X clutches

From 250HP to 500+ HP we have a clutch kit that will hold it.

Lightened Stock Flywheels

Aluminum Flywheels

Flywheel to crankshaft pinning

Clutch Components

Pressure plates


Stock, H/D, Puck, Carbon Kevlar

Release and Pilot Bearings

Clutch Hydraulics

Masters and Slaves

Steel braided clutch lines


Turbochargers and components:

Upgraded Stock Turbos

Performance Turbos

T3 , T3/T4 ,T04B, T04S, 60- , T60+ , Etc

Standard Bearing and Ceramic Ball Bearings

Exhaust Manifolds

T3 flange, T04 Flange

For internal and external wastegates

510 L Turbo Exhaust manifolds with T3 flange

240SX KA24DE Turbo Exhaust manifolds


External and Internal. Actuators

Bypass (Blow-Off) Valves

Boost Controllers

Manual and Electronic

Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulators

Adjustable and Fixed


Cores and Assemblies

300ZX Bolt-On Spearco Kits

Water Injection Kits

Turbo and normally aspirated

Intercooler plumbing components

Mandrel bends, Purosil hose, Etc.


Fuel Injection:

Stock replacement components

Injectors, Sensors. Air Flow and Mass Air sensors

Fuel Pumps

Replacement and High Performance (500+ HP)

Fuel Pressure Regulators

Normally Aspirated and Turbo Rising Rate

High Flow Injectors

All sizes for all applications

High Flow Fuel Rails

Big Throttle bodies

60mm bolt on and stock units enlarged

4 Cylinder L F.I. Log intake manifolds with 60mm throttle body for Turbo

High Flow Air filter inlet pipes and K&N Filters

Programmable management conversions

Single throttle body kits for stock intakes

Multiple throttle body conversions

Electromotive TEC-2 Systems

Complete systems, Components, Tuning

Haltech F9, F9A, E6S, E6K, F5

Complete systems, Components, Tuning

Bolt on TEC-2 Crank Trigger Assemblies

Fuel Filters


Induction and Exhaust:

Weber carb conversions and components

Triple side draft Z car

Dual Sidedraft 510

Dual 2 barrel Downdrafts

Single 2 barrel Downdrafts


Manifolds and Linkage

Air Filters

K&N and ITG

Electric Fuel Pumps

Proper low-pressure high volume electric pumps for all Weber installations

Stock pump block off plates

Jets and Tuning Parts

Rebuild Kits

In house carb rebuilding services


6 into 1 Z car

Short and Long 510 headers

240SX Headers

Ultra-Flo and Dynomax Mufflers

510 L Turbo Exhaust manifolds with T3 flange.



ZX and P/U Electronic Distributors

MSD units

Accel and NGK plug Wires

NGK Spark Plugs

Electromotive HPV-1 DIS Ignition systems

Kits and complete bolt-on systems

Caps, Rotors, Etc



EARLS Steel Braided Plumbing

Fuel and Hydraulic Systems

Pro-Car Seats

Hella Lights