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VW Air Cooled Fuel Injection Kits

VW Air Cooled Fuel Injection Kits



Our System Includes:

  • 2 Cast throttle bodies with Manifolds and Linkage.

  • All  5 sensors 1: map sensor in ECU, 2: Engine Temp sensor, 3: air Temp sensor, 4: Throttle Position Sensor, 5: O2 (Oxygen) Sensor. All fully functioning and mapable from simple desk top dash board system.

  • Full wiring harness with pre-assembled, plug & play.

  • ECU ( basic map pre-installed, based on engine size & horsepower. )

  • Injectors for all power ranges.

  • ECU will operate high & low impedance injectors

  • User friendly tuning software with six viewing options includes tuning CD and instructions.

  • Windows based software, Windows 95 or better.

  • Fuel rails and fuel regulator.

  • Performance high pressure pump.


ECU features:

  • Built in Map sensor ( for altitude & atmospheric changes. ) 

  • Direct P.C. connection for easy lap top tuning, uses windows based software with real time interface - Tune while running

  • Tuning views from simple dashboard controls to full mapping for professionals.

  • Ability to data log/download and monitor all sensors, systems, maps and download or send over internet to tech support for  tuning assistance.



  • Cold start and warmed systems for better starts.

  • Crisp idle and throttle response

  • Map sensor for better fuel control on long trips or mountain rides. ( altitude compensation )

  • Cleaner mid range, better torque.

  • Better range of usable power, not as sensitive to atmospheric change like carburetion.

  • Most of all more reliable, no needles to stick, no flooding or shut down.


All harness set up for plug and play with GM style sensors.

All kits are available for boosted application specify boost option with order.
Additional Cost for Boosted applications. Approx $150-$180

All ECU's have both Map and Baro sensors for ultimate mapping flexibility.

All kits come with easy wire connection box and fuse protected relay connection control center.

VW Air Cooled Fuel Injection Kits

  • K2319 CDD

    K2319 CDD

    SKU: K2319 CDD
    VW fuel and ignition controls with new MSD distributor supplied. No need for MSD 6AL but if customer wants this ignition will wire in conjunction with MSD 6 or 7. This is redundent as our ignition does have a low rpm dwell increase to act similar to the MSD multi spark below 2500. But to confirm there are those that like the MSD multi spark cd and our system will function with that in place if desired.

  • K2319 CC

    K2319 CC

    SKU: K2319 CC
    VW full Distributorless crank trigger fuel and ignition based package with waste spark coil. Full tuner software with dual mapping with anti lag options full ignition timing controls with both dwell and timing controls for both advance and retard controls for boosted applications. Kit includes new billet crank pully with trigger integrated along with billet crank trigger bracket using factory mounting locations center case. Need to specify sand seal or non sand seal case set up for crank pully.