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Oxygen Sensor Wiring Instructions

We believe that the worst fuel injection system ( Yes, even Mitsubishi Starion injection ) is better than the best carb system. Nothing can match the driveability, smooth throttle response, HP, and fuel economy of a properly tuned F.I. system.

The advances in the last few years in user programmable fuel injection management systems has made it possible for anyone with good mechanical and tuning skills, armed with a PC, to fit any car that is currently carburetted with a complete F.I. system. Cars with older F.I. systems can also be upgraded to new management to take advantage of today's technology. These systems are invaluable when converting to Turbocharging or on an already Turbocharged vehicle that is being upgraded beyond the factory parameters. We use 2 very different programmable management systems depending on the vehicle and its intended use. We also offer a variety of upgrades and modifications for many factory Fuel Injected cars. The list of vehicles we have done conversions on is extensive and includes&


Porsche 911 Dual Triple Throat Throttle Body Kit.
Datsun 240Z Triple Throttle Body Turbocharged.
Datsun 280Z Datsun 280Z Stock Manifold Turbocharged and Normally aspirated.
BMW 2002 Turbo and Normally aspirated dual throttle body and single throttle body
BMW 323 Baby 6 Turbocharged single throttle body
BMW 735I Auto Trans. Normally aspirated factory intake manifold
Honda Civic Normally Aspirated Dual Throttle Body and Single throttle body Turbo.
Mazda RX7 Turbo 48mm Throttle body.
Anything is possible and there is no vehicle we cannot design and build a system for or help you do it.

We offer complete packages with all the necessary components to convert to F.I. or upgrade the F.I. on an existing system; We can install and tune it or we can supply you with any of the pieces you need to do it yourself.

  • Throttle Bodies / Fuel Rails ( TWM Induction, Big Bore Stock units )
  • Intake Manifolds / Linkage ( Custom and Ready to bolt-on )
  • Fuel Injectors ( Low and High Impedance. All Sizes )
  • Fuel pumps ( Bosch High Output )
  • Sensors ( For all F.I. inputs )
  • Pressure Regulators ( Fixed, Adjustable, Turbo Boost Referenced)
  • Air Filters ( K&N and ITG )
  • Harness plugs and connectors ( All common sensors )
  • Engine chips for factory fuel injected cars.

O2 Sensor wiring instructions:
This is for those of you that had one wire units on a car and upgraded to a 3 wire unit.
The difference between a 1 wire and a 3 wire 02 sensor is a heating element. The 3 wire heats up without the benefit of 600+ degrees of exhaust temp. This results in more accurate readings from Air Fuel Ratio Meters like the HALMETER AF/30 and from the stock F.I. system. We have also found they stay cleaner longer.
All 3 wire 02 sensors have a signal wire and a power and ground wire. Generally they have
1 black wire ( Hook to original 02 wire )
and 2 white wires
1 white wire goes to chassis ground
1 white wire goes to a switched 12 volt source.
There you go. Very simple.
Try not to use the Coil + wire as the 12 volt source. It pulls power from the ignition system that is better used to make spark.
Order our Turbo and F.I. Components Catalog for complete info and component specifics

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