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The Direct Ignition Advantage

What separates Electromotive's sophisticated Engine Control from those of other manufacturers, is its patented, industry leading Direct Fire Ignition system. With both the stand-alone HPX ignition systems and the Total Engine Control systems, Electromotive utilizes a 58-tooth crank trigger wheel. This “high resolution” signal feeds continuous information to custom ignition chips so that error is virtually eliminated. This "high resolution" circuitry is used to accurately determine both the coil charge time and the Ignition Event in actual angular values (degrees of crank rotation). This eliminates the dynamic error that the competition suffers from. Others may claim ¼º degree accuracy, but without this accurate crankshaft position information, they’re just wishing.

Every Engine Control system from Electromotive uses multiple ignition coils and advanced, automatically adjusting dwell circuits to assure the coils are fully charged every time. The powerful spark of this patented system delivers this full spark energy directly to the plugs without misfires. Unlike multi-spark CD systems that from around 3000 RPM just give you a single very short duration spark, Electromotive puts a full 150mJ of spark energy to the plugs with a spark duration more than ten times the duration of a CD spark from idle to 9600 RPM. This long duration spark makes more power!

Competitor's Solution

The C.D.(Capacitive Discharge) Ignition. This Ignition does not CHARGE the Ignition Coil, rather it uses the 1:100 Winding ratio as a TRANSFORMER. First the 12 volts of your electrical system is converted to 200-500 volts and stored in a CAPACITOR, when the SPARK is needed the CAPACITOR is DISCHARGED into your Ignition Coil, Instantly producing a SPARK of 30,000 to 50,000 volts with a DURATION of only 0.1 to 0.3 milliseconds (0.0003 seconds)... this is NOT A LONG SPARK !

Superior Solution

Multi Coil, High Current Inductive Ignition Systems. By using multiple ignition coils, the TIME available to CHARGE an Ignition coil goes up by a factor of 4 on an 8cyl Engine. This allows you to use the advantages inherent in an INDUCTIVE SPARK... this uses only enough voltage to ARC the gap of the Spark Plug and dissipates the rest of the SPARK ENERGY in DURATION! Up to over 2 Milliseconds (that's over 90 degrees at 8000 RPM) This MAKES MORE POWER! So, no matter which of our Products you choose, you will always know that the Ignition System is STATE OF THE ART and READY FOR ANYTHING

XDI and XDI2 Programmable Ignition unit.
Remove your distributor, and never look back
...with the XDI Distributorless Ignition System!

    • Crank fired accuracy
    • Control Module and coils in seperate units for
      protection from heat and vibration
    • Full spark to 15000 rpm
    • No computer required for tuning!
    • The XDI uses the regular TEC-3 Coil Packs so the same ECU can be used on 4,6,8,or 12 cylinder applications just by using different Coil-Packs

      You will find the Instruction and Installation Manual for the NEW XDI
      Note...This is a 1.98MB PDF file so if you are on a Dial-Up it might take a while....
      You can click on it to open it directly in Acrobat Reader or you can Right Click the "here" link and save to your computer

      Electromotive, Inc., originators of the High Resolution Electronic Ignition Circuit, introduce the next generation High Performance Ignition System: the XDI. With an amazing 0.1 degree timing accuracy, the XDI is the most accurate ignition available. An integral rev-limiter can be set anywhere between 4,000 and 15,000 rpm. For drag racing an additional rev-limiter can be wired for staging and burnouts. For street applications, MAP sensors can be integrated to supply a "vacuum-advance". This allows increased ignition advance when under light load. Engines running single-stage nitrous oxide setups can benefit from the XDI's built-in timing retard feature, while engines running multiple stages of nitrous can use the Electromotive 4-Stage Nitrous Timing Retard module with the XDI.

The beauty of the XDI distributorless ignition system is its simplicity. To obtain engine speed and position, a 60-2 tooth trigger wheel is attached to the crankshaft, and a magnetic sensor is aimed at the wheel. With knobs to adjust the spark advance at different engine speeds, the need for a computer in the tuning process is eliminated entirely. A robust billet aluminum casing houses the electronics

Electromotive offers custom XDI kits for popular domestic and import applications. These kits include trigger wheel, magnetic sensor, and sensor bracket for a easy installation.