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Toyota MR2 Turbo Performance Parts Listing

MARCH 2015
We are doing a major update to this page....
We are still building many 3SGTE engines and supplying all the pieces needed for the engines.
The complete long block pricing, Head Pricing and You asemble it kit pricing is accurate but all the individual pieces are being updated so Please call or email to verify before ordering.

This is a fairly comprehensive list of the popular items we supply for the MR2 Turbo and 3SGTE engine. In addition to supplying parts we can do any type of engine and Turbo modification to suit your street or racing needs. We are a fully equipped engine builder, Cylinder head shop, machine shop , fabricator, and welder.

Due to the complexity and labor intensive nature of the MR2 Turbo many of the options we offer are only performed in-house. Engine building is done on your core only as it is difficult and expensive to obtain good used 3SGTE engines for outright or exchange sales.

Engine Parts
Engine Building
Cylinder Heads
You Assemble it engine packages
Turbochargers, Intercoolers, Boost controllers and BOV's
Fuel Injection
Brakes and Suspension




Engine Parts:


JE Forged. 8.2:1 .040 overbore with Total-Seal Gapless rings. $675.00

Any other size or compression ratio. $695.00

High Heat coating. Tops and Moly on skirts. $40.00 ea. when pistons are ordered. $49 per piston to coat later.



Total-Seal Gapless rings $149.00

Hastings Rings $99.00



Rod Bearings $32.00

Main Bearings with thrust washers $98.00



Full Engine Gasket Set $189.00

Cometic Steel Shim Head Gaskets.   $89


Stainless Steel Swirl Polished Performance Valves

Intake or exhaust $19.00 ea


ARP Hardware. All we use and recommend

ARP Head Studs   $129.00

                                                                      ARP Rod Bolts                            $49.00

ARP Main Studs $89.00

ARP Flywheel bolts $45.00


Timing Belt $39.00

Timing belt Idler $45.00

Water pump $69.00

Thermostat $22.00


Machine work:

Head work

Machine Work

Clean, blast and pressure test $60.00

3 angle racing valve job with hand lap and back-cut $245.00

Remove and replace valve guides $10.00 ea

Valve guides (each.) $6.00 ea

Surface head (Up to .040 off.) $65.00

Adjust valve (labor only) $125.00

Valve shims as needed (each) $8.95 ea

Grind camshafts ( in pairs only.) $199.00


Street port. $550.00

Port pockets. Match intake and exhaust ports. Blend runners and

Cut back and knife edge dividers.

Race port. $650.00

Same as above but much more radical runner work. Poor port velocity makes this a bad plan for a street engine

Block work

Hot tank,Mag, Bore and hone with torque plate (up to .040 over.)  $225.00


Grind Crankshaft only  $75.00

Micro-polish crankshaft only  $40.00

Race prep crankshaft: $400.00

Grind, Detail weights and oil holes. Shot Peen. Heat Treat

          Knife Edge Crankshaft                             $195

Con Rods

Race prep Con rods. Set of 4 $375.00

Mag. Shot peen. Polish. Re-Size. Bush small ends for floaters

Install ARP rod bolts (includes Rod Bolts.)

Pauter Custom 4340 Forged Con Rods Set of 4                                                   $775.00
Carillo Forged Connecting Rod Set                                                                      $795.00

We also offer Eagle and SCAT Forged rods for the 3SGTE but we will not assemble and engine
with these rods. We will sell them but we will not accept liability for using them in an engine we build.
$399 a set of Eagle ro SCAT Forged Rods.                                                

Balance rotating assembly                                                                                 $195.00

Front pulley to flywheel. Dynamic balance of crank, rods, pistons, pulley and flywheel.


Flywheel lightening $160.00

Lighten, surface, step, and zero balance


Remove secondary butterfly set $180.00

Eliminate the TVIS system. No negative effect and actually an increase in low end throttle response and turbo spool up time. Remove valves, plug shafts, match port manifold to spacer plate.
Requires that you send us your Intake Manifold and the TVIS plate.



Enlarge Stock Throttle body                                                                          $280.00   

Match port intake and Air Horn for larger throttle body                                     $200.00


                                         Engine Building and Performance Cylinder Heads       

      What we do:

We really only build our 3SGTE s one way. We pretend every one will see 400+ HP and will need that kind of reliability. As these engines are ultra reliable in the first place it is not that hard to do .. We offer only a few options in our engine building so it is real simple to decide what you want to do ..

All our engines get the same machine work. The only real options are compression ratio, and if you want a street or race port. Our Complete Performance Street and Strip engine (Up to 22 psi boost and 425 HP.

No NOS...If you are going to squeeze then the pistons and valves MUST be coated...
Here is what we do on all our performance Long Block assemblies
New JE forged pistons and Total-Seal rings

Stainless Steel valves (intake and exhaust.)

Street Ported, machined, and set-up Head
New valve guides as needed, Seats as needed, Pressure tested, Blanchard ground surface 3 Angle Racing valve job with hand lap and back-cut, Valves adjusted with all needed shims.    

TVIS removed and intake manifold and spacer matched

Block machined: Hot tanked, Magnafluxed, Bored and honed with Torque plate, Decked Jet washed and painted, freeze plugs installed

Crank and rods race prepped with matched rod and main bearings Rods are Magnafluxed, Shot Peened, Beam Polished, Resized big ends, Small end bushed for floater wrist pins, and ARP bolts installed...

Crank is Weight and journal Detailed, Index ground to match the bearings, and heat treated

Flywheel machined and lightened and includes ARP Flywheel bolts on assembly

Complete rotating assembly balanced.(Crank,Rods, Pistons, Flywheel, Front Pulley)

Complete gasket set with all needed seals

HKS metal head gasket

ARP head studs,
Main studs,
New timing belt, thermostat, and new water pump

$4800 using your core engine + Shipping if out of the area

Add $400 for Forged Eagle Con Rods or $750 for Pauter 4340 Con Rods

Typical 3SGTE Long block ready to be shipped

Cylinder Heads Only:

For those of you that are servicing the head gasket and feel that you may as well take the opportunity to do the head up right while it is off we offer complete head prep services without having to do a complete engine. Ship us your head, Intake manifold, and TVIS plate. We will send it back to you ready to bolt on.

Each head is

       Head is cold tanked, Bead blasted and tested for cracks

       Valve guides are inspected and replaced as needed

       Head is street ported and polished (Swirl finish on intakes and polish in exhaust ports

       TVIS is removed and shaft holes plugged

       Intake, Head, and spacer are match ported. (you cannot believe how far off these things are and how much performance is gained from this step. Let me just say again . THERE IS NO NEGATIVE EFFECT ON LOW END PERFORMANCE BY REMOVING THE TVIS.

       All NEW SS valves are used

       3 Angle Racing valve job with hand lap and back-cut on all valves

       All New performance valve springs

       Head is assembled with new valve stem seals and valve adjustment set using the needed shims



All above with street port and stock cams $2250


Stage-1 + performance ground camshafts $2400


Stage-2+ race port $2500


Short Block Assemblies $2500

Short block means everything in the bottom end less the head. From the deck of the block to the oil pan.


Long Block assemblies $4800
Add $400 for Forged Eagle Con Rods or $750 for Pauter 4340 Con Rods   

Long block means from the valve covers to the oil pan and all the timing belt related items.

These engines are assembled less all the external brackets and accessories.This is the engine as listed above...

You assemble it kits.    $3695

This is a very cost effective way to get a top quality performance engine. You send us your core engine (either together or in pieces.) and we send it back to you as a ready to assemble kit You will get back .

       New JE forged pistons and Total-Seal rings (Rings fit to bores and end gaps set.)

       SS valves (intake and exhaust.)

       Ported Head with all machine work completed (un-assembled and valves not adjusted.)

       Block machined and ready for paint ands freeze plugs. (freeze plugs included.)

       Crank and rods race prepped with matched rod and main bearings

       Flywheel machined

       Complete assembly balanced

       Complete gasket set with all needed seals and CometicMLS metal head gasket

       ARP head studs, ARP Main studs, New timing belt, thermostat and new water pump

You will then be able to assemble an engine just like the one we supply for a substantial savings. Not only that but you will get a chance to learn everything about what goes into your engine without any of the machine shop hassles.


Engine Options: Add to cost of engine, short block or kit.

High Heat coating on pistons add $43.00 each

Race porting Add     $250.00



CT26 Turbo upgrades $895.00

You send us your (Good rebuildable) core CT26 and we upgrade it. 10 degree clip on turbine wheel, T04E 57 compressor wheel with machined housing and complete rebuild with high speed balance.


Click this link for Turbocharger catalog page with prices
          T3/T4 Hybrid Turbos
          T04 Turbos
          60-1 and T-Series Turbos .

T3/T4 Conversions and components

This is a partial kit that needs to be finished to fit your particular engine compartment, exhaust, and accessories. It consists of ..

NEW T3/T4 hybrid turbo with High Flow internal wastegate and performance dual port wastegate actuator. Cast exhaust manifold with T3 flange. Downpipe flange with stub downpipe and 02 sensor port. Steel braided Oil feed line, Water lines. Gaskets.

T3/T4 Kit $1995.00

Ceramic ball bearing option. Add $550.00 to kit

External Wastegate option. Add $400.00 to kit



Blow-Off (Bypass) valves

HKS Racing bypass $189.00

Turbo XS Racing Type H (This is our choice for the MR2) $179.00
Bolt-On Adapter for the Turbo XS Valve                                                              $69.00


Boost Controllers

TurboXS Manual Boost Controller $79.00
          TurboXS High Performance Manual Boost Controller                                   $129.00
          TurboXS Dual Stage Boost Controller                                                         $229.00

Spearco MR2 Turbo Intercooler kit
We have (1) of these left available...They have been discontinued and are no longer offered. When this is gone they will not be offered again...
Order Now


Fuel injection:

Fuel Pumps $199.00

Add-On Bosch inline fuel pump upgrade.


Cartech adjustable rising rate boost referenced fuel regulator           $249.00


Whatever size you want. call


Suspension and Brakes:


Street Lowering coils. ST brand

Set of 4 springs $239.00


Tokico Illumina Adjustable Struts

Front $149.00 ea

Rear $149.00 ea

Bilstein. ( The very best money can buy. Much better than Tokico and GAB)

Front $179.00 ea.

Rear $179.00 ea.

Sway Bars

ST Front (15/16 ) and Rear (7/8 ) set. A huge difference in high speed stability. A must for Auto-X and track use

Pair with all bushings $295.00

Brake Rotors

Stock Front $69.00

Stock Rear $79.00

Gas Slotted Front $105.00 ea

Gas Slotted Rear $129.00 ea

Brake Pads

Metal Master Front $59.00

Metal Master rear $48.00

R4 Carbon Kevlar Pads

Street Front $109.00

Race Front $149.00

Street Rear $99.00

Race Rear $139.00

Steel Braided Brake lines

Set for all 4 corners         $139.00

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