The New Fuel Management Unit (FMU)
or as it is better known..A Boost Referenced Rising Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator

Announcing the new billet rising rate regulator. This is the fourth generation design in the 25 years..It is, by far, the best in performance and Appearance....Nothing on the market rivals the quality and ease of use of this regulator...

Installation Instructions

Purpose of a Rising Rate Regulator                   
The B.E.G.I. regulators are designed specifically to add fuel to EFI engines modified with turbos, superchargers, and normally aspirated. This is accomplished by using the manifold vac/pressure to drive the fuel pressure up as the boost rises, or with the N/A engines, as the vacuum goes toward atmospheric.
If we already build the best FPR s (often called FMU s), what s the sanity of making another?  The answer is to keep the copy ers way behind. Our original FMU, introduced in 1975, has been copied six times and still used by four companies.  The 2020 series regulator, introduced to you here, is the fourth generation design to come from B.E.G.I., and every new design has been better than the previous. Imagine how vastly better these new designs are than that 25 year old relic the other guys are still producing!

Why is it better?
Billet manufacture, anodized surfaces (opt), improved valving, and fewer parts with the integrated accessory design.   Further, we ve increased the span of adjustment for broader rates of gain. Even the onset of gain is adjustable!  No other regulator has the onset adjustment.

Yet Another Improvement to the WORLD's BEST Rising Rate Regulator!
When we introduced the billet version of our rising rate regulatora year sgo our sales suddenly increased four fold. It almost made Mr. Bell Complacent. But wouldn't you know we messed up a batch of our own needle valves and shipped them all. When this was discovered, Mr. Bell yanked the part from production and replaced them with a Clippard brand needle valve and seat. Viola! The regulator works even better than before!

Types of regulators
PN: 2025 Aftermarket turbo and supercharger

PN: 2027 Same as 2020, except threads are 1/4 NPT

PN: 2022 Factory (OEM) turbo and supercharger

PN: 2023 Normally aspirated

Pricing:  $249.00  (Bracket and fittings included)

FMU Overhaul Kit (for 2025, 2027, 2023, 2022)
Includes new shim, 1 diaphragm, spring, and a washer.

p/n 2029    $45.00

Sold Seperately:
F2815-301     Restrictor     $5.00

497853  One Way Valve    $10.00

FMU Overhaul Kit (for 20002, 20003, 20005, 20007)
Includes new shim, 1 diaphragms, spring and washer.

p/n 20009     $45.00

Sold Seperately:
F2815-301     Restrictor     $5.00

F2815-401     One way Valve  $10.00

Clip-mnv-1k  Clippard Needle Valve     $13.00

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